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Amar Khan is looking forward to break stereotypes with “Roop”

Roop is a four episode long play, a part of Angeline Malik's Choti Choti Baatein

Amar Khan

In a short span of time, the young sensation, Amar Khan, has made a name for herself. Amar, is not only an actress who has displayed her versatility over a short period of time, she has proven she has multitudes of talent, based on the variety of characters she’s done in a short period of time, she’s been on television. From playing an innocent village girl to a possessed, crazed witch and a woman seeking revenge, Amar has played a number of roles on television.

Now, with her next, Amar, is looking to defy stereotypes.

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Starring in Roop, a four episode long play, part of Angeline Malik’s series, Choti Choti Baatain, Amar is definitely breaking stereotypes and giving out a loud and clear message playing the lead character.

Amar is playing Zeena, a girl continuously judged on the basis of her looks making her develop an inferiority complex. Amar roles essays girls who are constantly body shamed and criticized for their looks, which absolutely destroys their personalities.

Zeena’s story is the same, the girl has lost confidence in herself until she meets Rayyan, a boy who falls in love with her and appreciates Zeena for who she really is, building her confidence and reinstating her belief that inner beauty is more important than outer appearances.

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“Through Roop we have tried to break one of the stereotypes prevalent in our society. In the upcoming episodes you will see how Zeena tries to break away from the stereotypical notions despite all the negativity that surrounds her and emerges out victorious by believing in herself and not her looks,” shared Amar while talking to Instep.

Written by Pareesa Siddiqui, Roop, the mini series also features Mehmood Aslam, Rubina Ashraf, Ghana Ali and Lubna Aslam in pivotal roles.

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