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Amna Ilyas Responds to Aaminah Haq’s Body Shaming Controversy

Earlier this week Amna Ilyas came under fire for fat-shaming former model Aaminah Haq and her previous feat as the champion against colorism went down the drain. For those who don’t know the context, model turned actress Amna Ilyas and Sadaf Kanwal were invited to Hassan Shehyar Yasin’s talk show two years ago where the two played a harmless game ‘Guess the Celebrity’.

In a recent viral video of the segment, it was seen that Amna gestured towards former model Aaminah Haq’s weight gain as she made Sadaf guess the celebrity. In response, Sadaf chimed in “moti ho gayi hai? (she’s gotten fat?)”. The two then laughed and high fived over the correct guess, a move deemed as a mockery of Aaminah Haq by netizens who called out Ilyas over her apparent hypocrisy.

After quite a backlash, the Baaji actress took to Instagram with an apparently ambiguous yet meaningful response. “Kya bol rahey hain ap log mota kaha hai. Kis ne mota kaha hai? Wo tou main hoon hi nahi,” said Amna as she subtly pointed a finger towards Sadaf who had quipped ‘moti ho gayi hai’ on the show.


While one can also assume Amna has a deeper meaning of being a changed, evolved person than two years ago, there’s definitely an ambiguity to her response and not what someone with her ‘politically correct’ reputation should resort to.


Aisha Arshad

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