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Armeena Khan pens open letter to UN; urges to remove Priyanka Chopra as UN Goodwill Ambassador

Time and again Priyanka Chopra has been called out by people for supporting a hypocritical stance, encouraging a nuclear war, between India and Pakistan, all the while promoting her position as the UN Goodwill Ambassador. Recently, the Fashion actress was in news once again, as she calmly sat and saw a young girl being thrashed by two burly security guards when she dared question Chopra against this.

Armeena Rana Khan, Pakistani actress, who has repeatedly pointed out how Priyanka encourages war rather than peace, this time took to Twitter to write an open letter to the UN, asking them to have Chopra removed as a Goodwill Ambassador because she had been repeatedly misusing her position.


“She (Priyanka Chopra) has brought the core values of UNICEF, care, respect, integrity, trust and accountability into disrepute,” wrote Armeena, stating how celebrity partnerships, although useful, could ‘sacrifice impartiality and their principles.’

Armeena pointed out that in February, Priyanka had tweeted ‘Jai Hind’,’ after India had claimed to have conducted airstrikes in Pakistan. Being a Goodwill ambassador, Priyanka’s position was compromised for promoting war, not peace.

Armeena and beau Fesl also pointed out how Priyanka had recently trivialized the question asked by Ayesha Malik, in a viral tweet, stating how Malik questioning her for promoting nuclear war, was equivalent to ‘yelling and embarrassing herself.’

“Do you think it acceptable to work with partisan partners who promote war?” questioned Armeena, inviting UNICEF to distance itself from ambassadorships that were incongruent with their organizational values and culture.

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