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Atif Aslam appreciates efforts by PM Imran Khan to tackle COVID19

Pakistan has been on a major lockdown since the pandemic took roots in the country


Pakistan has been on a major lockdown since the spread of the pandemic coronavirus in the country. Even with all the precautions, the highly contagious infection has managed to take 20 lives in the country with a number of people still critical of the disease.

In such a hard time, it is indeed a commendable effort on part of Pakistan’s government to keep the public informed and devise out strategies to best tackle the spread of COVID19. Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan has been regularly addressing the nation, talking to his people and giving them reassurance in such a hard time.

Lauding these efforts on part of the Prime Minister, singer Atif Aslam, recently took to his social media to thank Imran Khan for all that he and his government had been doing.

“The steps our respected Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking during this extremely difficult time are appreciable on every level. Please follow all the instructions of the government and let’s volunteer to help our fellow countrymen in every way that we can,” wrote Atif on his social media.


In his video, the singer thanks the prime minister for taking effective measures for the prevention of COVID19 spread in the country.

Stating how we ought to help the needy in such a time, Atif said, “I’d request everyone to look around them and help those in need. I don’t need anything from the government or from anyone but I’d like to appreciate Imran Khan for his strategy to prevent the spread of the pandemic.”

Atif also added that he was readily available to lend his support to the government if they needed it in any forms.

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