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Atif Aslam Recites Asma-ul-Husna The 99 Names Of Allah SWT, Best Gift For Fans This Ramazan

A magnificent yet mesmerizing effort by Atif Aslam and Coke Studio!

Atif Aslam Recites Asma-ul-HusnaAtif Aslam shares his effort for all the Muslims - OyeYeah News

Atif Aslam after Calling for Prayer a few weeks ago when COVID-19 pandemic started to engulf the country, yet again has shared a beautiful gift for his fans and especially Muslims all around the world.

Celebrity singer took everyone by surprise by sharing the recitation of Asma-ul-Husna, The 99 Names Of Allah SWT, a special production by Coke Studio.

We all know how close to our hearts is the recitation of Asma-ul-Husna, the 99 names of God in Arabic and a well known Islamic tradition,

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Many of us grew u listing to it on the national TV, which also happens to be one of the special Ramazan things to be broadcast during this holy month.

Atif Aslam shares his effort for all the Muslims, by saying A humble expression of hope & solidarity, as we stand with humanity in these times.

This is a magnificent yet mesmerizing effort by Atif Aslam, as we know how well can Atif hit high notes, and this time he leaves us having goosebumps and we all want to put it on loop and listen to it to purify our hearts during these times of distress.

Thankyou Atif Aslam and Coke Studio, as this recitation comes out in Pakistan when we are observing first Shab-e-Qadar.

The video itself is wonderfully executed, and we must say hashtag #AtifAslam is trending on top for all the right reasons tonight.

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