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Ayesha Omar clears the air about her relationship with Sikander Rizvi

Ayesha Omar opened up about her abusive relationship in Frieha's podcast show

Ayesha Omar took to social media to clear the air about her relationship with Sikander Rizvi!

It all started after she shared a statement on a podcast with Frieha that she went through an abusive long-term relationship and people started wildly speculating that the ex Ayesha was talking about was Xander’s owner Sikander Rizvi.

The Bulbulay actress in a statement shared on her Instagram story has categorically denied it, saying was a family friend’s son and asked fans not to involve Sikander or his family in this.

Ayesha Omar wrote,  “Hi, lovers and haters. This is to clarify that the abusive individual I’m referring to in my podcast with Frieha Altaf is NOT Sikander Rizvi at all.”

“It was a family friend’s son, who is not connected to media. Please DO NOT involve Sikander or his family in this. Much appreciated. Much Love, AO,” she added.

During her appearance in Frieha’s podcast show,

Ayesha, said: “It was eight years ago. We were almost engaged and were like a family. It took me a long time to end this relationship and get out of it because I thought maybe the person would change because of my love. I would fix him.”

She added that the man would apologise after doing everything following which she would forgive and return to him. “But one day he subjected me to physical assault. This was the day I decided to not bear anymore and ended the relationship,” she also revealed.

Did you know, Sikander Rizvi is Nadam Noor Jehan’s grandson. He has also done a movie with Humamia Malick Dekh Magar Pyaar Se.


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