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Ayesha Omar is Proud of Students Who Came Forward with Their Harassment Stories

Following the revelation of the students, five faculty and staff members were fired


Days after numerous students from a prestigious school of Lahore came forward with sexual harassment allegations against faculty and staff members, the alleged individuals were fired while coordinator, principal, and administrator were suspended for enabling the harassers.

Taking it to Twitter, actress Ayesha Omar also spoke on the issue as she lauded the students for their bravery and urged others to be empathetic towards the victims.

“So so proud of all the students who have come out with their stories of harassment and abuse. It takes so much to find that courage and the world can be very nasty to those who speak up. Bravo Kids. #MeToo #speakup” tweeted the Bulbulay actress.

She further added another tweet to say, “We cannot undermine someone else’s experience or feelings just because ours was different. We cannot put a time limit on anyone’s emotional reactions.”

“Empathy and validating others go a long way. The tables could turn one day,” said Ayesha.

Earlier last week a series of allegations from various students surfaced on social media in which prominent faculty members were accused of sexually harassing the minor students from 2016. The viral social media posts reached the higher authorities who then fired those involved.

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