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Is Ayeza Khan’s latest transformation a result of cosmetic surgery?

When it comes to celebrities, fans and followers keep a check on not only their professional lives but also make it their life mission to keep tabs on their personal lives. If there is a sudden transformation, good or bad, people are quick to judge, mock and give their views.

Sometimes celebs are able to handle it, other times they become a victim of depression. The latest celebrity to fall victim to trolls is Ayeza Khan.

However, it’s her response that has caught our attention. She kept her calm while responding to their questions regarding her recent appearance.


The actor was asked on Instagram if she has experienced cosmetic surgery or skin whitening treatment.

“Hey no, Alhamdulillah I am thankful to Allah I haven’t got any surgery done nor have I used skin whitening injections,” Ayeza answered.  “We have better cameras now.”

Another Instagram user asked what she’s done to her nose, to which Ayeza responded, “I would suggest you to go and get your makeup done at least once and you will understand everything completely.”

When will we learn to live and let live? Here’s to hoping more celebs are as calm as Ayeza while responding to trolls. Do not let the criticism make you feel bad about yourself, ever!

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