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Azekah Daniel winning hearts again in drama Malal e Yaar

Azekah Daniel, the girl previously winning our hearts in Cheekh is at it once again! As she plays the role of Hooriyah in Malal-e-Yaar, we experience a bold, strong woman amidst the suffocating and conservative feudal system. We witness a girl who never thinks twice before raising her voice if she sees something she believes is wrong, regardless of whoever she’s up against.

As a result, Hooriyah proves to us that it’s absolutely possible to be open-minded and stand up to our elders while still having “tameez” and being just as respectful.

To be honest, it’s incredibly refreshing to see an empowering female character after such a long time. One who isn’t quietly bearing society’s constant oppression and taunts and instead, voicing her opinions and fighting for what’s right.

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The drama took a very interesting turn this week. With Hooriyah and Danish, madly in love, planning on being together forever and his mother not supporting this, Hooriyah’s Taya urges her to marry Balaj- the cousin she was supposed to marry as decided in their childhood. To our surprise, Hooriyah finally agrees to her Taya’s decision and says yes to marrying Balaj.

With her heart longing for someone else and facing constant pressure from her family, whatever will Hooriyah do? Will she sacrifice her love and marry her cousin, surrendering to the feudal system or does she have a way out of this in mind?

Saman Siddiqui

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