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The battle has begun: Meesha Shafi’s lawyers respond to Ali Zafar’s legal notice

Meesha Shafi’s legal counsel has finally responded to the legal notice sent by Ali Zafar earlier. The legal battle started in wake of allegations made by Meesha of sexual harassment over social media to which Zafar sent singer Meesha Shafi a defamation notice of Rs 100 crore.

Ali Zafar Sends Legal Notice To Meesha Shafi

It is being reported that Meesha Shafi’s legal team have sent legal notice signed by four High Court lawyers. The notice states that, “We categorically deny all allegations, assertions and/or insinuation made in your notice against our client, all of which are legally and factually incorrect. The notice is hence rejected it in its entirety”.

The notice also comprise of the statement that Meesha Shafi has not defamed Ali Zafar by any sorts, it was all done for his shameful act. In last the Meesha Shafi’s legal aid has demanded Ali Zafar to issue an apology for his misconduct.

Meesha Shafi’s legal team is headed by famous lawyer Hina Jillani; the legal notice copies are available with the local newspapers. The notice also highlights sexual harassment in the eyes of the law, also explains how Meesha Shafi’s allegations do not qualify as defamation. The legal notice also elaborates the how Zafar can be penalized using 2(h) of Protection against Harassment of Women in the Workplace 2010 as well as the Pakistan Penal Code 1860.

Now everyone awaits for Ali Zafar’s legal response. Meesha along with her family life are already disturbed with ongoing slander campaign on social media and she has deactivated her social media accounts, though her twitter is still active. Meesha lately tweeted about #MeeToo writing, “It’s only scary till you say it!”

Meesha Shafi Deactivates Social Media Accounts


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  1. Just like corruption is corruption whether it be big or small, harassment is harassment… and it’s not right! we kept asking for when the media and entertainment industry would wake up and expose the harassers among them. Again, it took a woman to do it. After #MeeshaShafi’ s revelation more women will find the courage to break the silence. #MeToo Thank you #MeeshaShafi #SupportMesshaShafi

  2. The #metoo campaign should be a wakeup call for all of us. While specific percentages vary across studies, the research shows that the majority of all working women have experienced some form of sexual harassment over their work lives, about 70% of whom never lodge a formal complaint largely due to fears of being doubted or punished for coming forward. Meesha deserves a lot of credit for speaking out. It takes a lot of courage especially in a country like Pakistan.

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