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Bella Thorne Faces Backlash for Bruised Makeup Look on Halloween 

It’s Halloween time and celebrities around the world are sharing their costumes and attires from the festivities. However, one celebrity, in particular, has landed in hot water for her Halloween attempt.

Hollywood actress Bella Thorne is facing a lot of criticism for her ‘bruised’ makeup look that she shared on the occasion of Halloween. Social media users called out the actress for glorifying physical abuse and called her to look in a bad taste.

“Hire me for your Halloween makeup I got u boo,” the 22-year old had captioned her picture in which she posted very close to real bruised makeup face.


“I just find this post slightly triggering and surprising as she is a strong spokeswoman against abuse and such,” commented one of her Instagram followers.

Another added, “Why is glamourising being physically abused culturally appropriate during Halloween?”

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