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Bollywood’s actor/producer Arbaaz Khan confesses to IPL betting

Salman Khan’s brother Bollywood’s actor and producer Arbaaz Khan accepted that he had placed bets in the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches last year. He was summoned by Indian police on Friday for questioning over illegal gambling on Indian Premier League cricket matches. Escorted by Salman Khan’s body guard Shera, Arbaz Khan arrived at the Thane Anti Extortion Cell office to give his statement.

According to the Indian police they have smashed a number of betting syndicates across country during this year´s IPL season, which ended over this weekend. The IPL has been overshadowed by gambling controversies since it started in 2008.

According to the sources, during the interrogation Salman Khan’s brother Arbaz has confessed that he lost Rs 2.75 crore in betting. He also admitted that he had been betting on cricket matches for the past five to six years and affirming to cooperate in further investigation.

According to Indian media reports Arbaaz´s name surfaced in an ongoing investigation into high profile bookie Sonu Jalan, who is said to run an international gambling operation stretching from India to the Middle East. And during investigation, it was found that Arbaaz was being threatened by Jalan after refusing to pay last year’s bet money which he lost.

As interrogation continues Arbaz Khan has admitted to betting a huge amount in the IPL series that concluded on May 27 and losing an even bigger amount. The estimated amount of money on the bet is to run into several millions of Indian rupees, but officials remained reticent on confirming the exact figures.

Spot fixing scandal from 2013 led to the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals suspension for two seasons and Rajasthan Royals bowler, Shanthakumaran Sreesanth receiving a life ban along with teammates Ankit Chavan and Ajit Chandila.

Let see what further developments takes place in this case and who else is exposed in IPL gambling probe. Meanwhile Arbaaz’s brother Bollywood’s super star Salman Khan is also facing his own legal troubles having found guilty of killing rare antelopes during a safari in Rajasthan state, Salman Khan is currently appealing a five-year jail term.

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