Its RM’s 25 birthday and here is how BTS fans celebrating

On RM's special day, fans planted a number of trees in South Korean capital as their favourite star loves nature.


The leader of K-pop boy band BTS, RM aka Kim Nam-Joon has turned 25 today, and the ARMY can’t keep calm. The fellow and followers of Kim Namjoon are sending him nicely needs on his big day.

Namjoon aka RM (Rap Monster) debuted in 2013  when he was only 18, and today he has millions of fans all over the world who are pouring in love for the BTS icon. RM is currently on hiatus with his group.

BTS fans are proud to celebrate their favorite idol’s big day, as soon as the clock struck 12 in South Korea the social media was flooded with birthday wishes, and #HappyBirthdayNamjoon started to trend internationally.


Since the boy band does not accept any gifts from the fans, The ARMY has discovered a new way to show their love for their favorite star. They are planting trees on RM’s special day.

Fans planted a number of trees in South Korean capital, as well in other cities around the world as their favorite star loves nature.

On Twitter, #HappyBiryhdayNamjoon is trending on top including 18 different hashtags including #HappyBirthdayNamjoon, #OurJooniverse, #MoonchildDay, #HappyBirthdayRM, Joonie, and Kim Namjoon that associated with the star’s birthday.

BTS to enlist in South Korean Army’s service

BTS army took over Twitter sharing Namjoon’s pictures and videos to recall his journey in the international music industry.

One Twitter user wrote, “Even if you think that today isn’t especial, it is a special day for Army it is because you are unique as you said a day a limited edition.”


Another twitted, “Before the day ends. Happy Birthday to the best BEST LEADER, Kim Namjoon. We Purple You!!!!”


RM has also responded to all the warms birthday wishes he has received:

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