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BTS’ “Love Yourself, Speak Yourself” tour ends with an emotional Farewell

BTS has just wrapped the most-acclaimed Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert on Oct. 29 in Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Excited as well as sad on saying good-bye to the fans on the final day of the tour, ARMY was seen in a glass case of emotion. But, no one is as emotional as the BTS members themselves, especially the leader, RM, and the golden maknae, Jungkook.

At the end of the show, while bidding farewell to BTS, Love Yourself era, RM couldn’t hold back his tears and cried before saying the final good-bye to the fans.

“I think I’ll be regretful we can’t do this LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF ’18 tour in the future,” RM said, letting out a few cries. “It’d be good if there was a better word than ‘love,’ but truly, I love you. Please know that.” he said.

Meanwhile Jungkook also broke down while performing “Mikrokosmos.” which was the BTS’ last song of the night.

On social media, the boy-band has taken multiple spots on trending as ARMY congratulate and thank them as they finish their final concert on their world tour.

The members of the group have taken 5 of the top 6 hashtags worldwide. ARMY took to Twitter to show its love and appreciation for the group. This was also a result of a touching speech leader RM made at the end of the final concert.


Congratulations to the BTS’ members!

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