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BTS’s Jin is back after completing mandatory military service

Jin will hug thousand fans in three-hour marathon public event in Seoul on Thursday.

BTS’s Jin is back after completing 18 months of mandatory South Korean military service.

Jin, 31, the eldest member of the hit boy band, enlisted in December 2022.

He served as an assistant drill instructor at a training centre for the South Korean military, which requires all able-bodied men to serve.

BTS’ eldest member is ready to rejoin group activities after getting discharged from the military on Wednesday.



His discharge ceremony was an emotional event not just for fans who had been waiting for his return but also for Kim Seok-jin.

In videos, which have now gone viral on social media, Jin can be seen wiping his tears as walked through the Army Division.

All of his fellow BTS members were present to welcome him back.

Uuniform-clad emotional Jin was first welcomed by BTS leader RM.

The rapper presented Jin with flowers and performed their Grammy-nominated song Dynamite on the saxophone.

Following V, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook also welcomed Jin back.

As reported Suga couldn’t join the members at the ceremony but met him later in the day.


Jin is the first BTS member to be discharged from duty.

The other six BTS members- J-Hope, V, RM, Jimin, Jung Kook and Suga – are still serving and the band is expected to reunite only in June 2025.

We get to know that about one thousand BTS fans will queue in Seoul on Thursday to get a hug from Jin, who is back to his role as a K-pop idol after 18 months of military service.

This will be a three-hour marathon public event for Jin after being discharged from the army on Wednesday.

As reported, the 1,000 who will be embraced were chosen in a raffle – although Jin has said he had suggested hugging up to 3,000 fans.



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