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Dynamic sister-duo Bushra Ansari, Asma Abbas Punjabi rap for peace

Written by sister, Neelam Ahmad Bashir, the song talks about Indo-Pak tensions and similarities


Bushra Ansari never fails to disappoint, no matter what she does. The veteran actress defines versatility with a capital V because she not only acts but sings, dances and even writes like a pro. And if you put her multi-talented sister, the accomplished actress, Asma Abbas, alongside her in a project, you know its going to be nothing short of perfection.

The sister duo, Asma Abbas and Bushra Ansari, just did a Punjabi rap about the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan  and by far, this has to be the most impressive, lighthearted and fun take on the entire situation.

Written by the third sister Neelam Ahmad Bashir, the song highlights the similarities between the average Indian and Pakistani, who are so alike and yet divided by borders. The song aptly highlights how Indians and Pakistanis both want peace but it is politics and the war-mongers who are more inclined towards tensions.

Titled, Humsaye Maa Jaye, the track is the first one to have been uploaded on Bushra Ansari’s official YouTube channel.


the authorIfrah Salman