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Bushra Ansari confesses to her second marriage

Bushra revealed that she got divorced after 36 years of first marriage

Bushra Ansari has confessed to her second marriage in a recent interview!

Veteran actress, host, and writer Bushra Ansari admitted that she got married a second time, but she did not clarify when her second marriage took place.

The news of Bushra Ansari’s second marriage with playwright Iqbal Hussain first surfaced in November 2019 and at that time Iqbal Hussain denied the news of his second marriage with the actress.

After that, although Bushra Ansari admitted to divorcing her first husband, she did not openly admit to her second marriage.

In the latest interview with FUCHSIA Magazine, Bushra Ansari not just talked about the hit drama Tere Bin and her co-actors, Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi, and her future work plans. But it’s the talk about her personal life that has gained much attention.


Now, while admitting her second marriage in a recent interview, Maa Begum of Tere Bin has also revealed that she was separated from her first husband director Iqbal Ansari for a decade before getting divorced after 36 years, which no one ever knew about it.

Bushra Ansari first opened up about her divorce in an interview in January 2020 and said that it had been a long time since she got divorced.

After that, she told in another interview in December 2020 that she wanted to get a divorce after some time of marriage, but because of the children, she was patient for 36 years and divorced after the children had children.

She did not mention the year of divorce in both interviews, however, she said that she got divorced due to a lack of mental harmony with her husband.

Now the actress has revealed in a recent interview that she was separated from her husband for a decade before getting divorced.

In a recent interview given to ‘Fuchsia Magazine’, Bushra Ansari once again said that she got divorced after 36 years of marriage and she has no regrets.

She praised her ex-husband Iqbal Ansari, admitting that he is a good director and playwright but his personal affairs did not go well, and due to this she had to take a divorce.

According to her, Iqbal Ansari is also a good father and he is still in touch with his children.

Opening for the first time about her divorce in detail, Bushra said that she had decided to divorce several times, but every time for some reason or another, she kept silent, but when the matters crossed the line, They finally got divorced.

Bushra Ansari also talked about her second marriage and said that it is not related to age but it is true that taking such a decision is a brave thing.

The senior actress said that society does not allow anyone to do any work, but she gave herself a second chance and got married without taking anyone into account.

Bushra also admitted that she stayed safe for many years after her first husband’s separation only because many people did not know that she was in love with her husband and because no one knew, she had no idea. He did not propose marriage.

Although she talked about her first divorce and second marriage in the interview, Bushra again did not clarify when she got divorced and when she got married again.

However, she said that she got divorced after 36 years of marriage, she was married to Iqbal Ansari in 1978, according to which she got divorced in 2014.


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