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Bushra Ansari Lashes Out at Amma TV Aur Main for Criticizing Zebaish

In a now deleted Instagram post, Bushra seemed too offended with the drama review

Bushra Ansari Lashes OutLubna Faryad spoke of Zara Noor Abbas starrer drama Zebaish and brilliantly pointed out the flaws in the drama - OyeYeah News

Recently a blogging group has launched its humor based drama reviews Amma TV Aur Main, in which Lubna Faryad (Amma) discusses television content in a casual (homely) and fun manner. From showering praises on laudable performers to savagely roasting substandard dramas, Amma often gives words to viewers’ opinions.

In the latest episode of Momin Ali Munshi and his amma’s YouTube show, Lubna Faryad spoke of Zara Noor Abbas starrer drama Zebaish and brilliantly pointed out the flaws in the drama. Her fun banter was enjoyed by many, as previously, but offended one person in particular.

Zara’s khala, writer, and actor in the drama, Bushra Ansari was quite offended with the review and lashed out at Amma for her choice of criticism. From calling her ‘Corona’ to terming her words as ‘Jahalat’, the veteran actress totally lost her composure and civility.

“What a pathetic time for our dramas.. a cheap low-class person can just comment rubbish stuff abt the hard work n creative efforts of artists,” wrote the 62-year old in a now-deleted Instagram post.

“What criteria they ve about this field? I don’t get it. Why people are watching such a shallow paindoo style of them… its a sin to destroy people’s integrity,” she continued to lash out.

Calling it “cheap commentary” and “gutter-level of commenting”, Bushra told that “if you don’t like any drama don’t watch it”.

“Actually when people ve nothing to do they get jealous of those who are doing something,” the actress said while adding, “Uff jahalat (illiteracy) in their mouth is so obvious.”

“Allah aqal day air ba izzat rozi bhi naseeb kary (May Allah give them brains and means to earn with respect), its haram to destroy peoples future.. and make your income,” said Bushra.

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“They are the CORONAS IN OUR LIVES.. ALLAH WILL FINISH THEM INSHALLAH,” the veteran artist went way below the belt.

Soon enough, seeing the netizens’ reaction and support for Lubna Faryad with #ISupportAmma, Bushra deleted her already viral post.

momin ali munshi

Addressing the issue, the team behind Amma TV Aur Main also took to Instagram.

“Bushra Ansari recently posted and deleted a very harsh judgment of our beloved Amma and her drama reviews. We’d like to formally address the points she’s raised instead of engaging in petty name-calling,” said the blog.

“Amma is not and has never claimed to be a critic. She is simply a housewife who enjoys watching dramas and thus, representative of the majority of our drama viewers,” it added.

In conclusion, the blog said that instead of making personal attacks, let’s all learn to take criticism and improve our drama industry. The group added that calling someone Corona in these times of pandemic was downright insensitive and one should refrain from it.

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