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Celebrities Come Forward to Demand Justice for Farishta

Earlier this week news of rape and murder of a minor girl in Islamabad surfaced on news, and it shook the entire country to its core. The Prime Minister launched probe into the horrific case, and civil society also came forwarded to demand justice for 10-year old Farishta who was abducted and then killed after a brutal suffering.

Celebrities too came forward and extended support to the innocent girl and her family who now seeks justice from every means possible. In continuation of the ongoing protests to bring attention to this case, a group of celebrities joined social workers today, at Karachi Press Club.

In this media meet, Mahira Khan, Shehzad Roy, Zeba Bakhtiar and cricketer Younis Khan came forward and raised their concern over the growing menace of child abuse in the society. The celebrities shared some important opinions on the matter and demanded swift justice for Farishta.

“There was Zainab’s case a while back and now we are facing another similar case,” said Mahira Khan. “Awareness regarding ‘good touch, bad touch’ should start from home. Let’s make sure we don’t come across another incident like Farishta’s. Such stories are terrifying. Awareness about sexual abuse should begin at home and schoo,” added the Humsafar actress.

“Mental health of such minors should be a priority,” added the actor. “Education begins at home. We hope such incidents aren’t repeated,” further said the actress who, along with others, raised concern over lack of system that protects minors from such heinous crimes or helps them stabilize in case they are victimized.

Speaking at the press briefing, singer turned philanthropist Shehzad Roy said, “Police should be trained properly to deal with such cases. When Zainab’s case happened, we should’ve made sure nothing like that happens again.”

Shehzad also highlighted the lack of shelter houses and legal facilitation for victims of such cases.

“In many parts of the country, there aren’t any proper systems available for minors suffering from sexual abuse, rape. Many minors suffer from the same fate as Zainab and Farishta and those who don’t, are not provided with basic necessities,” added the Teri Surat singer.

The celebrities collectively demanded justice for Farishta and reiterated on their call for curbing this menace. Mahira asked, “How many more Farishta and Zainabs will suffer till it stops?”

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Earlier, various celebrities – including Mahira – had also taken it to social media to demand justice for Farishta. From cricketing legend Shahid Afridi to veteran singer Jawwad Ahmed all had raised their voice for the innocent girl.

Hamza Ali Abbasi had also taken it to Twitter and demanded Islamic punishment (stoned till death) for the culprits in Farishta and Zainab case. The Waar actor substantiated his demand with reference from Quranic Ayaat.

Actor Bilal Ashraf was also amongst the celebrities who questioned the authorities over their incompetence and uncooperative behavior in the case.

“It took a massive protest to file an FIR? Why does it take a national outcry to perform a post-mortem?” asked Bilal who wrote that the state has failed its children, women and all of us.




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