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Celebrities Come Out in Support of Uzma Khan

All of them condemned the violence against the actress while some also spoke of the other side of the story


Earlier this week a video took social media by storm where Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actress Uzma Khan along with her sister Huma Khan was seen being beaten and assaulted by the women alleged to be Malik Riaz’s daughters, along with their guards. After the video, a drama unfolded as the woman in the video, Amna Usman came forward alleging that she caught Uzma and her husband Usman Malik having an affair, and despite her repeated warnings, the actress did not discontinue the relationship.

A day after the attack Uzma and her sister, came forward to pursue a legal battle against the women. The move is now being widely supported by Pakistan’s entertainment fraternity as many have come forward to condemn the violence against Khan sisters.

Mahira Khan was among those who took both the issues into account and rendered support to Uzma where she rightly deserves.

“Two very different topics being argued. One is infidelity – which no one in their right mind stands for. The other is – how the powerful get away with absolutely anything! I stand for accountability always. May we all be treated equally by the law of this land” tweeted the Ho Mann Jahan actress.

Osman Khalid Butt on the other hand was very vocal in his support to Uzma as he wished for the actress to get justice.

“What happened to you – the public shaming, harassment, intimidation and abuse – has shaken me to the core. I pray you to find justice,” tweeted the Ehd-e-Wafa actor.

Alongside OKB also put down his foot to elaborate his support does not equal supporting infidelity.

“Raising a voice for two women who were verbally & physically harassed, their property & bodies violated, where there was utter contempt for law (& due process, a phrase you love to throw around when it’s a woman accusing a man of sexual harassment) ≠ endorsing infidelity,” tweeted OKB.

Zara Noor Abbas called out patriarchy and its double standards for only holding a woman accountable and undermining justice.

“The Patriarchal system!! Will it win over the system of Judiciary and Human rights in my country? Can just anyone trespass with gunmen and endorse vandalism? Who is next? Where is safety?” the actress asked.

“Just saw a distasteful video and it describes the ultimate mindset we reflect !!! A woman coming from wealthy connected means shouting and blaming another woman of adultery! Granted the act was highly unethical, immoral, and condemnable but The point should have been that EVERY person involved should be taken to task!,” Zhaley Sarhadi wrote on Facebook.

“Why is it only expected and accepted that a woman is solely responsible for an illicit relationship? He was married, she wasn’t!! He broke the sanctity of marriage, she was in the wrong,” the actress further said.

Model turned actress Areeba Habib called for accountability, “Absolutely pathetic display of power! Disgusted through and through! IK wants to eliminate this ‘elitist’ culture right? This is the time he strikes such an egoistic lot out of the park!”

Adnan Malik too tweeted in Uzma Khan’s support. “I couldn’t watch the whole video bc I felt repulsed- physical violence, sexual harassment, verbal abuse & an abhorrent sense of privilege. It is our patriarchal mindset that pits women vs women, whereas the main offender, a deceitful man-child who can’t keep it in his pants, is MIA,” he said.

Mehwish Hayat also weighed in on the matter as she stated that there are 2 different issues at hand.

“Let’s differentiate b/w what is a moral issue & a legal issue. Two wrongs cannot make one right. The right to security at your home is a basic human right enshrined in law. This is a real test for the authorities, who need to prove to us that no one is above the law!” tweeted the Load Wedding actress.


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