Celebrities Demand Justice for Zohra, Child Maid Killed By Employer

The 7-year old minor house help accidentally freed two expensive parrots of her employer Hassan Siddiqui

Justice for Zohra ShahBig names of the industry raised voice for the minor maid - OyeYeah News

After yesterday’s heartwrenching incident that occurred in Rawalpindi where a 7-year old house help was beaten to death by employers for an innocent mistake, many celebrities have come forward to demand justice for the poor soul. Hashtagging their tweets #JusticeforZohraShah, big names of the industry raised voice for the minor maid.

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“He killed ZOHRA for releasing the birds from the cage. Maybe it was a mistake or maybe all she wanted was to set the birds free. And she was just 8 years old. Let that sink in,” wrote Muniba Mazari.

Singer Momina Mustehsan concurred her colleague’s tweet, “Zohra Shah, a 7-year-old child, was so brutally beaten by 2 adults that the little angel lost her life. Her crime? She set free an expensive bird. #JusticeForZohraShah is important. This isn’t just a “case”. Its a murder of humanity! We demand stern action so it is NEVER repeated.”

Shaniera Akram called out all enablers and promoters of child labor in the country.

“ANYONE who has a person working for them in their house who is under the age of 14, & I don’t care if they are your longtime staff members son or daughter whos living with you, you are breaking the law. If you really want to look after that child then send them to school not work!” tweeted Shaniera.

Mahira Khan was a loss of words to express her thoughts over the horrific event.


Actress Maya Ali also raised her voice to demand justice for the innocent girl. “Totally shattered to hear the heart-wrenching news of 8-year-old Zohra Shah. Where has humanity gone? I strongly condemn this brutal act by these so-called humans. Speak up or stay silent forever,” tweeted the Mann Mayal actress.

Zohra was an employee of Hassan Siddiqui who is in a bird’s selling business. Yesterday Zohra released two of his expensive parrots by mistake, and he confessed to Rawalpindi police that he and his wife beat the 7-year old to death in a fit of anger.

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