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Celebrities Raise Awareness on Zainab Alert App

The app is a promising step to help curb child abduction in the country

Zainab Alert AppA public service message to all the parents, children should know in case they get lost - OyeYeah News

Named after the innocent young girl from Kasur who was brutally murdered in 2018, Zainab Alert App has just recently launched and may prove to be pivotal in curbing child abduction in Pakistan. Seeing the potential of the app, that can be installed on all smartphones, Pakistani celebrities took to social media to raise awareness about it.

Sanam Saeed was among the first few celebrities who appraised the app and its usefulness, as she urged people to actively participate against criminal elements of society.

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“Unfortunately Pakistan is ranked one of the highest in the kidnapping and child abuse. Every day we hear the news of missing children and wonder what we can do to help. Now, with the help of this app, we can help bring these children home,” said the actress on her Instagram in a video.

She added, “We have to come together as a community, as a society, and as a nation to bring our children home.”

“All the information regarding the missing child will be available on the app so that all of us can help the police, CPLC, and children’s families because they can’t fight this battle alone,” Sanam further said.

The Zindagi Gulzar Hai actress also appreciated the team behind the app. “It is created by a very responsible group of individuals working in tandem with CPLC. Their main cause, target, and mission is to help find missing children,” she said.

Bulbulay famed actress Hina Dilpazir also praised the Zainab Alert App and CPLC for its efforts to help fight child kidnapping.

“If God Forbid any child goes missing or faces a mishap, you can put the child’s detail on this application and it gets instantly activated. Long live CPLC!” said Hina.


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