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Celebrities seeking skin lightening treatment exposed by the drip infusion therapy company

Celebrities seeking skin-lightening treatment were exposed by the drip infusion therapy company!

It was reported a few weeks earlier that celebrity couple Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari were spotted having a skin whitening treatment.

However it emerges that they are not the only ones, there are a number of Pakistani celebrities mainly actors who are obsessed with skin lightening treatments.

It seems like the newest trend after cosmetics and skin whitening and lightening creams.

The company named Revitalize- vitamin drip infusion therapy has shared photos of many actors and actresses getting the  “Beauty Filter” vitamin drip on its official Instagram page.

According to the company, the “Beauty Filter” vitamin drip features natural vitamins and minerals which promote clear and glowing skin with a hydration boost. Make your health a priority! Only 45 mins to a healthier YOU!”

Check out the celebrities who have recently opted for this treatment!



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