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Celebs School Shoaib Akhtar for mocking PSL 6 Anthem

Shoaib Akhtar, former Pakistan fast pacer who came out bashing the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for Pakistan Super League (PSL) 6 anthem is now being schooled for doing so.

The latest PSL anthem has received mixed reactions but for many, a national star sharing such comments was not acceptable for many.

It’s true that you can not force anyone for liking or disliking something, however, there exists a thin line between constructive criticism and ridicule.

Shoaib Akhtar shared his reaction to the PSL 6 Anthem on his YouTube program and was also shared on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Responding to Shoaib Akhtar’s comments popular singer and actor Farhan Saeed replied saying, “It’s his opinion, that’s okay! He has the right, but that’s a stupid opinion is what is my opinion. This song will be a winner in the stadiums, mark it! Well done Zulfiqar J Khan, Aima Baig, and of course Naseebo Lal. Great effort!.”

Host, VJ, and actress Anoushey Ashraf also responded to cricket stars’ comments.

“Oh dear, this is in bad taste. One thing to not like a song, another thing to run down artists, musicians this way,” she commented on Akhtar’s video shared by Hello! Pakistan.

“Big fan of Shoaib Akhtar but not the way he’s bashing the new anthem. Some people, including many of your friends, fans, and family, like the track. Difference of opinion is welcome, degrading someone’s work isn’t,” she pointed out. “Don’t like the track, cool. Hating on it this way? Not cool’, she added.

Actor Haroon Shahid also joined the bandwagon and responded by saying. “Criticism is important, the manner in which you criticize is equally important otherwise you lose the intention behind it.”


Meanwhile, netizens who are active on other social media platforms are also discussing Shoaib Akhtar’s criticism.

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