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Cher All Set to Sing for Kavaan the Rescued Elephant

The singer will herself be present in Cambodia to ensure a smooth transition


The tale of Kaavan; a male Asian elephant that spent a huge chunk of his life in Islamabad zoo is widely popular both locally and internationally.

Back in 2019, American singer and the ‘Goddess of Pop’ Cher accomplished a milestone when her campaign to free Kaavan became successful and the elephant got freed. Immediately after the Pakistani court ordered freedom for the lonely elephant, Cher tweeted; “We have just heard from Pakistan High Court that Kaavan is free. This is one of the greatest moments of my life.”

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A year later, the singer shared another update regarding the elephant, who will soon be moving to Cambodia in a travelling crate adorned in Pakistani truck art.

“Ahhh, Kaavan’s travelling crate and home when he gets to Cambodia. It’s like a dog crate – a very huge dog crate. In beginning, it will make him feel safe and comfortable. Can’t wait to sing to him on way to Cambodia,” Cher wrote.


The singer further mentioned that she has two songs ready for the elephant, and reassured the followers that she will be present in Cambodia herself to ensure a smooth transition of Kaavan.

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