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Dania Shah in legal trouble? Issues statement after petition filed against her

Dania Shah will be getting into  legal trouble.

A petition has been filed against Dania Shah, widow of Pakistani televangelist and politician Aamir Liaquat, for allegedly posting private videos of her husband on social media.

A day earlier, a non-profit organization  moved the court against Dania.

In the filed petition, the organization asked the Cyber Crime Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take action against Dania for posting Hussain’s indecent videos on social media.

It also demanded that an action should be taken against Hussain’s wife for maligning the image of Pakistani women all over the world.

It also said that Dania should be punished for posting such a video over a minor dispute.

As reported, Counsel for the NGO Jamil Virk filed the petition in Karachi’s district and sessions court.

The petition urged the court to order the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take action against Dania under the cybercrimes act.

The petitioner maintained that Dania filmed the late PTI lawmaker and then leaked his videos on social media.

Meanwhile, in a reaction to the filed petition, a statement has been issued by Dania Shah.

After the PTI MNA’s death, Dania claimed that the couple was about to reconcile.

The same was claimed by her mother, Salma Begum.

Following the filing of the petition in the court, a video has now been released from the Instagram account of Dania Malik, who is claiming that she is in ‘iddat’, in which a woman is giving a message on behalf of Dania.

“Dania is in ‘iddaht at the moment and she says that my husband forgave me,” the woman said, adding that four years before the death, Aamir Liaquat said that he wanted to make peace.”

Dania said, “Where is it written that the husband forgives the wife and after her death the society goes after the arrest of the wife, now what kind of arrest, what is the law like that? The media, in particular, is spreading hatred among the people,” the statement in the video also stated that Dania will answer the remaining questions after the’ iddat’.

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