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Danial Radcliffe Reveals the Name of his Favorite Harry Potter Film

The actor has not one but two favorites from the decade long franchise


Daniel Radcliffe who is best known for his portrayal as Harry Potter recently revealed his favorite movie from the nine films he has done for the franchise.

While talking to WIRED’s Autocomplete Interview, the actor shared that his favorite movies from the franchise are Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and the fifth part of the series Order of the Phoenix.

Daniel also had some interesting reason to back up his choices which he said that many not agree with.

“I love the last one [movie], but I also really love the fifth, which is not a lot of people’s favourite, I kind of realize,” said the 30-year old.

“I love it because of the relationship between Harry and Sirius [Black], and you get a lot of Gary Oldman in that movie,” he added.

In addition to liking the movie as a viewer, Radcliffe also shared that it was one of the best shooting experiences as well.

“That was my favourite one. Probably to film as well. We had a really, really good time making that one. Five or seven, part two,” said the Harry Potter actor.

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