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Danish Taimoor Thanks the Women in His Life for Their Contributions

The actor took to social media to acknowledge the women's unnoticed hard work


A lot of things have happened due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that followed in its wake. While the situation is scary and times are gloomy, there’s a bit of silver lining on both global scale and individual level, one of them being the fact that people have gotten time to stop and reflect on important yet unnoticed aspects of life.

The same happened with Danish Taimoor who in these days of isolation took a moment to acknowledge the most important people in his life i.e. the women he and all of us are surrounded by and whose contributions in our lives often went unnoticed.

“It is important that we all stop and thank the ladies in our lives,” said the actor on Instagram while continuing, “In this time of crisis I realized how hard women in my family work.”

Danish went on to acknowledge the hard work women folk puts in, “But sitting at home in isolation you look around and realize how difficult are the duties of our women in our families.”

“From getting early for breakfast to taking care of the kids throughout the day, from cleaning up to cooking,” he penned. “It all goes unnoticed,” and rightfully pointed towards the general attitudes.

Danish then thanked his wife, his mother and his daughter for playing their role in his life and enabling him to become what he’s today.

“I am forever in your debt and will never be able to repay you,” the Deewangi actor concluded.

the authorAisha Arshad