Robert De Niro Accused of Gender Discrimination and Abuse by Ex-Employee

The ex-employee has filed a lawsuit against the actor for hurling crude remarks and wage violations

Robert De Niro Accused of Gender Discrimination and Abuse by Ex-Employee

Acclaimed actor Robert De Niro who is the news for two new releases Joker and The Irishman, has been accused of gender discrimination and abuse at his workplace. The actor is now facing a $12 million lawsuit filed by his ex-employee Graham Chase Robinsons who has claimed that De Niro perpetually used crass remarks like ‘bitches’ and ‘c**ts’ for her as she worked as an executive assistant for his company Canal Productions.

Robinsons also added that she was underpaid as compared to her male colleagues and De Niro often passed inappropriate remarks based on her gender. The ex-employee was making $300,000 at the time she resigned in April.

However, as per Robinson’s attorney, she also mentioned at the time that she’ll be filing a lawsuit against the actor and his company for gender discrimination and wage violations. As a result, the attorney claimed De Niro implicated a false lawsuit against his client.

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Earlier in August, De Niro’s company filed a $6 million lawsuit against Robinson for misusing a company credit card, binge-watching Netflix during working hours, and embezzlement of thousands of dollars by various means. Robinson maintains that it’s a retaliation of the lawsuit she had informed she would file against De Niro.

“The allegations made by Graham Chase Robinson against Robert De Niro are beyond absurd,” said De Niro’s representative on the matter.

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