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‘Don’t ever give up on your dreams’, Armeena Khan shares her journey till 2018

The actress has written an open letter sharing about her struggle and achievements.


Actress and humanitarian Armeena Khan is all set to welcome the new year 2019. But before reaching the new year, the celebrity star writes about her journey till 2018, in an open letter shared through an Instagram post.


“2018 is drawing to a close and it has been interesting. I wanted to share snippets of my journey with you thus far. This year, I stayed back due to a self-imposed sabbatical. I decided that I needed a break (from summer onwards) as I was exhausted. In these last 5 years, I’ve taken about 150 flights travelling to and fro. I used to think I was the craziest person to be putting myself through this, working so far away from home, leaving all my comfort, friends and family behind”, writes Armeena.

Sharing her work experience in Pakistan which has been very challenging, Armeena says, “Infact, working in Pakistan was super challenging as my personal life and business interests would suffer. Also, the currency exchange rate meant I was making a loss on my projects. What kept me going was the passion and the love for acting. Then I learnt that the acting world is incredibly tough, it’s just not about acting. The politics, the back stabbing, the PR stunts, the bullying! I learnt so much and it was a painful experience but I came out so much stronger. I decided to come back to the basics which meant not caring about what anybody else thinks of me”.

Being thankful to God for what she has achieved, Armeena further wrote, “I want to put this out there too that everything that I am today is because of Allah SWT, family and my supporters. No backing, no cliques, no support and certainly no PR to shove my images down your throats every day. I have been truly alone in this. I realised despite everything, I have God’s backing and destiny on my side and when you have this nothing can hold you back. I pin my success and everything to my intentions and sincerity”

We all know that she has been super active for the humanitarian causes as well. She went to Jordan lately to distribute donations and stuff to the Syrian refuges. In her open letter she also writes about her mission and helping other.

Armeena wrote, “I realised the best way to live is to live for others and I am making it a mission to live my life for others. You are watching my journey as it unfolds. My message is to keep fighting the good fight and you will get there in the end. As for me, I have lots of unfinished business, in fact I’m only just starting. As we head into the new year, I wish you all the same hunger, success and luck”.

She ends her letter on a message to her fans, “Don’t ever give up on your dreams – Armeena”.


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