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Dua Malik, Gohar Rasheed say they’re eye witnesses to Mohsin Abbas Haider abusing his wife

"I have kept this fire in my heart for 3 years," Dua Malik


Last night, after Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife came out with her sufferings of domestic violence at the hands of her husband, the whole industry has been in a chaos. Where people are calling out for a ban on Mohsin Abbas Haider, there are others condemning his cowardly act of beating his wife, and replaying Mohsin’s own statement of not being able to control himself when angry in Ahsan Khan’s show.

Also, another shocking revelation has come from actress Dua Malik, who says she has been perhaps the only eye witness to the incidents where Mohsin abused his wife. Seconding Dua’s claims is actor Gohar Rasheed, who also says he witnessed Fatema, Mohsin’s wife, being taken to the hospital.

“I am sure to say, I’m the only eye witness in this industry. I have kept this fire in my heart for 3 years. I have seen him beating the shit out of his wife on the road and where not,” wrote Dua.

Dua also added, “I’ve kept quiet because she said she is praying he will change. The day she caught him living with Nazish Jahangir while leaving Fatima alone in Lahore is the day I scolded Fatima that she is dumb to take this shit.”

Dua condemned Mohsin, calling him out for being a con artist. Alongside Dua, a number of other celebrities have also condemned Mohsin Abbas Haider and the overall act of domestic abuse, while people are calling the industry to ban Mohsin for good.

Gohar Rasheed, also took to Twitter to state how he had also been an eye witness to Mohsin’s mistreatment of his wife. In a series of tweets, Gohar wrote, “The injustice that took place with #FatimaSohail, I was a second hand witness to it in 2018 when my friend took #Fatima to the hospital after she had been beaten up by #MohsinAbbasHaider Through her I got to know the whole Story. Fatima is like a sister to me.”

Stressing how Fatema wanted to save her marriage, Gohar added, “SHE, wanted to save her marriage and ensure the health of her baby so we respected that and kept quite but now since she is out with the truth her self (more power to you #fatima)”

Gohar concluded how men like Mohsin Abbas Haider were a threat to the society. “I don’t see him just as a spinless, pathetic, sick human being. I see him as a danger. She needs justice and he needs Help.”


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