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Ellen DeGeneres not giving up

2020 has been a year of misfortune for the majority of the global population, but even more so for Ellen DeGeneres who has been at the center of constant criticism and backlash since the start of this year, for the lack of communication with crewmates during the covid-19 pandemic, and for being a very mean person.

Despite the utopian hardships faced by the American comedian, DeGeneres is still working tirelessly to increase the viewership ratings of her show, the average viewership rating of which has gone down to 1.66 million and declines with every passing episode of season 18.

As per an external source, “Ellen’s not giving up. She’s holding staff meetings virtually during the week to keep spirits up.”

Ellen is said to be fully convinced about her ratings going up like they were previously and is seen making efforts to remember the birthdays of her acquaintances and sending out presents and tokens.

“Ellen’s been walking a tightrope for months and feels like it’s all caving in on her. With these numbers coming in, the consensus is the viewers have spoken and Ellen’s looking like damaged goods at this point,” the source told Star.

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