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Exclusive: Anzhelika Tahir opens up about Cannes, her recent photoshoot and her absence from Na Band Na Baraati promotions!

The stunning Pakistani-Ukranian model has been making rounds in the news these days. Ever since she debuted in Na Band Na Baraati, Anzhelika’s presence in the Pakistani industry has been hard to ignore. The young, vibrant model and now actress is not only hard working but passionate about her work and the choices she makes.

OY reached out to Anzhelika for a heart to heart conversation, talking to her about her beginnings, her beauty pageant days, Cannes and a lot more. Read on to find out what this stunner has to say about life, work and her passion.

OY: Lets start from the basics, who is Anzhelika Tahir?

Anzhelika: I’m a simple girl who won a pageant Miss Pakistan back in 2015 and since that time I’ve represented my country several times on the world arena. Now my life is pretty much dedicated to Pakistan and I’m very happy and exited for new projects to come.

OY: Your name is beautiful and sounds very strong. What does it mean?

Anzhelika: Thank you! Its a very unusual name and I like it a lot. I think that it couldn’t suit my character better. My name was chosen by my mother who was inspired by a movie star of old times. Literally it means «Angel».

OY:  You’re a super model, a beauty pageant winner, you must have aspired for something to achieve this goal. What was it? How did you become who you are today?

Anzhelika: I was always passionate and dedicated to what I do, I always wanted to be in fashion and media industry. Living the average life for me is not enough and I always look for something bigger, always want to become the best in what I do. It’s not that easy as it may look like, I’ve also faced a lot of challenges on my way, but the thing that makes me the one who I am today – I learn from my mistakes and move on, not giving up anytime.

OY: Who has been your strength throughout? We read that your father was from Sheikupura, Punjab, has he never intervened in your choice of career?

Anzhelika: My father is a very amazing individual who openly supports me and is cheering me all the way, no matter what profession I would have chosen. 

OY: You walked the Cannes red carpet this year, amongst a lot of hype generated by Mahira Khan’s presence at the festival. You took along a very potential title as well, yet very quietly. Why?

Anzhelika: Miss Pakistan World has existed for about 15 years and it has already created a lot of hype by its own. It’s not attached to movie or drama industry – it’s an industry by itself. A pageant industry, which I think a lot of media in Pakistan may not know how to cover. So no matter how many times we have appeared in Indian mainstream newspapers as well as television news from India and from US, Canada and Europe we don’t still see the presence of media coverage in Pakistan. And I think that’s only because we think that media in Pakistan does not know that much about the pageant being an industry.


OY: Do you think Mahira’s presence at Cannes created undue hype?

Anzhelika: I think it’s an amazing thing for Pakistani women to be making the presence in Cannes. As Mahira was the first female, I’m the second. And walking the red carped doesn’t mean you actually walk on it. You have to represent a brand. So the only two women who represented a brand were Mahira for Loreal and myself for MPW. Or else even you can walk the red carpet – that does not mean anything.

So I’m very happy for those achievements. In fact, I really like her a lot!

OY: You’ve recently done a rather ‘bold’ photo shoot for Pakistani standards as they’d say. Knowing full well that there would potentially be a great deal of negative talk about it once it was released across, what compelled you?

Anzhelika: I feel free to do whatever is right for me. Wearing a swimming costumes of two piece bikini or a skirt or a dress is normal for me because I’ve been raised outside of Pakistan and I believe that it’s okey to wear your own clothes and to do your fashion statement. I would prefer to everybody follows whatever their hearts desire: if someone wants to be completely covered – let them do that, if someone wants to wear bikini – they can do that as well. The choice has to be yours. Whatever makes them or you happy – you have to follow that.


OY: How did Na Band Na Baraati come about?

Anzhelika: I was pretty much quiet about this project, but I guess it’s time for me to break the silence. I had the worse experience working with the actor/producer of this film and I don’t think I’ll work with this person again.

OY: If we look into it, you’ve been detached from the film ever since the promotions started. Would you want to talk about it?

Anzhelika: As I said I had a very bad experience working with Shayan Farooqi or else Khan and I made a choice to not be a part of this film. In fact I heard they had cut off a lot of my scenes – which I’m grateful for and at the same time I’m amazed with the fact how could they have dubbed me so terribly. But whatever the case is, I don’t want to be associated with this film and it’s one of the reasons why I was not a part of the promotions.


OY: What is next for Anzhelika?

Anzhelika:This year has already brought a lot of achievements which I’m very grateful for. On the same hand I’ve some new projects to come and I’m already assigned for 2 huge things so don’t forget to check my social media to be the first to know what is that! 

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