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Farhan Saeed And Mehwish Hayat Get In A Debate On Twitter Over International Politics!

At least someone speaks their own mind


If you have followed international news lately it was historic moment of the century, 65 years after hostilities ceased, when the leaders of North and South Korea held a historic meeting on Friday and pledged to bring a formal end to the Korean War. As the world was watching our very own actor singer Farhan Saeed has put on his views on this historic development.

Farhan Saeed took to his social media posting his thoughts, ”Pakistan and India should take a cue from Korea, let’s finish it already and move forward like never before”.

And it turns out to be as he is not the only one keeping an eye on international politics; there comes a reply from Punjab Nahi Jaungi, actress Mehwish Hayat over Farhan Saeed’s post.

Mehwish replied, ”We all wish it was so easy. Trust me North and South Korea have a long way to go yet. In our case how can we just forget 70 years of history and mutual distrust so easily. You are suggesting that we should just forget Kashmir and the atrocities there?”

There was a quick response by Farhan, he replied, “I did not suggest that at all, in fact what I am saying is that both the countries should resolve these issues (including Kashmir and many more) and move forward like Korea did, I am sure they also had a lot of deadlocks. I don’t know what made you think that I am talking about movies and songs only.”

Cricketers, making provocative statements will not help anyone, especially Kashmiris

This conversation gained momentum there were couple of other replies by public, but Mehwish was never gave up her point of view. She replied back, “This isn’t about what the people may or may not want, there are key fundamental issues that need to be resolved before we can move forward. I agree that we as artists have a role to play in building bridges, but this has to be more than us appearing in their films & singing songs with them.”

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