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Farhan Saeed has a message for Pakistanis, Celebrities Or Otherwise!

25th July 2018, General Elections 2018, will write the future of Pakistan for the new five years. Everybody, not only the political parties, but everybody who has a reach, (read TV channels, celebrities, brands, influencers) are calling out to utilize their right to vote and make a difference. Its our civic duty. We ought to vote to secure our future. However, there are people who do not take this seriously at all, then complain about the leadership of the country for the years to come.

There are a number of Pakistani celebs, who are currently on vacations and/or are flying out of country for Hum Awards on the 28th in Toronoto, conveniently ignoring the general elections due to be held tomorrow.

In a time like this, Farhan Saeed, who has recently sung the anthem of PTI’s election campaign, calls out to people/his fellow celebs to not forget their civic duty.

Farhan Saeed’s Tweet has been met with a lot of appreciation.

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