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Farhan Saeed Pays Tributes to Legends Abida Parveen, Qavi Khan and Umer Sharif

The singer turned actor Farhan Saeed recently took to social media and reflected upon a very important matter. Talking about the sad demise of many “revered innocent souls” who left the world this year, the Udaari actor said that instead of remembering people after death, we should try and not waste time in honoring them while they are here amongst us.

“I wish to honour their lives and cherish their presence among us, and I wish to express gratitude for sharing this world with someone of their stature,” the Sajni singer wrote on his Instagram.

So far Farhan has paid tributes to actors Qavi Khan, Umer Sharif, and singing legend Abida Parveen in his Instagram posts.

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“Anyone who has worked with Qavi Sahab would know his demeanour only commands the utmost respect. He motivates younger actors by encouraging them to push the bar with each performance,” Farhan wrote regarding Qavi Sahab.

He continued, “To encourage us, Qavi Sahab always tells us, we are better at what we do than his generation was. His wealth of experience is a guide book for those who have only just recently joined the industry.”

“For these reasons and many more, I wish to pay tribute to him and I call on each of you to also celebrate the legend that he is,” said the singer turned actor.

The actor recently took to social media and announced that he will be honoring living legends.

Speaking of music maestro Abida Parveen, Farhan said that despite her stardom her humility is unmatched and it’s one of the reasons why she’s everyone’s beloved.

“The few times I have had a chance to meet with her, I have witnessed first hand her absolute humility and respect for others. Be it another musician or a fan, everyone and anyone is extended the same warmth and courtesy by her. This undoubtedly the trademark of a true Sufi,” wrote Farhan.

“Abida ji is undoubtedly a source of pride and inspiration for every Pakistani,” said Farhan while adding “She has paved the way for generations to come and pursue their journey”.

For Umer Sharif, the Suno Chanda actor said that he is a fan both on and off-screen. Recalling how Umer Sahab attended his fans once at the airport, despite feeling unwell, gave a life lesson to Farhan.

“An absolute showman for whom no specific place or audience is required to exhibit the versatility of his craft. He will undoubtedly have you laughing hysterically, anywhere and everywhere you meet him,” wrote the artist.

“His humor undoubtedly transcends boundaries. I’ve had countless fans across the border asking me to convey to him their messages of love, respect, and admiration,” he penned.

“His services to Pakistan and his legacy are unmatched,” Farhan had to say in the comedian’s honor.

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