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Faris Shafi also boycotts LSA: Requests withdrawal of his track from nominations

Meesha Shafi’s brother, Faris Shafi, singer and an actor, has also withdrawn his nominated track from LSA Awards, requesting for removal of his nomination.

Faris Shafi is the latest celebrity to have withdrawn his nomination. His track, in collaboration with Talal Qureshi, was nominated for Best Song for this year’s at Lux Style Awards.

The rapper took to his Twitter account and tweeted,” Requesting that the following track, which has been nominated for ‘best song’ at the @LuxStyleAwards be removed from the list of nominees. @talalqureshi and I are neither attending, nor endorsing the awards. Thank you and good night.”


Although Faris Shafi has not clearly mentioned the reason for boycotting LSA but it is obvious since his relationship with Meesha and other stars boycotting the platform for promoting an alleged harasser.

Including Faris’ sister Meesha Shafi, model Eman Suleman, clothing brand Generation, makeup guru Saima Bargferde and others have rejected their LSA nominations, while filmmaker Jami put his previously won LSA out on the road in support of the boycotting celebrities.

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