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“I feel, we must empower women to speak up against a crime they’ve been subjected to”, Adnan Siddiqui shares his view about #MeToo

In an open letter, the Pakistani actor urges people to stop women abuse!


Actor Adnan Siddiqui has shared his views and concerns regarding sexual harassment in Pakistan and he thinks women should be encouraged to come forward to share their ordeals. In recent few months, sexual harassment has become a worldwide phenomenon. Especially when people who belong to entertainment fraternity all across the world are raising their voices for #MeToo movement.

In wake of recent developments, in an Instagram post, Adnan Siddiqui shared his piece of advice while addressing the sexual harassment issue. He wrote, “I’ve recently read about a few cases of sexual abuse, harassment, abduction and street crime across the globe. They’ve been on the rise in the last few days. In Pakistan, street crime was in check for quite some time but apparently it has started again.”


Adnan wrote, quoting the example of female Indian journalists who were courageous to break the silence, “There are quite a few female journalists in India who’ve come out and openly spoken about various kinds of abuse they’ve faced or crime they’ve been subjected to. I read some stories on twitter and though I was quiet, it was bothering me.”

What is painful for Adan after coming to know such stories.

He shared, “What pains me is that still there’s a major section of women that don’t speak up. They are quiet due to some or the other pressure. I’m not entirely sure, but I heard Sindh Education and Literacy Department is going to introduce a chapter on harassment which shall be taught in schools. It is indeed the need of the hour and I hope it get implemented worldwide”

He further wrote, “I think it requires immense courage to speak against such crimes. If you notice/experience anything that’s not favourable, or if someone tries to abuse or harass you please speak up. By keeping quiet you’re encouraging the culprit to continue with what he does. If today, God forbid, it’s you, tomorrow it would be someone else.”

He shared a piece of advice, writing, “I feel, we must empower women to speak up against a crime they’ve been subjected to. Instead of putting allegations on them or trolling them, we must be empathetic towards them.”

By quoting Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Adnan Siddiqui concluded his open letter, “Help the world become free of any abuse and harassment. Women are the torch bearers of tomorrow. I’m reminded of these lines by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, “Bol, ke lab azaad hai tere, bol, zabaan ab tak teri hai”.

Adnan Siddiqui is one of the most talented Pakistani actor who has also worked in many international projects. It is good to find out that a person who has an international exposure considers Pakistan is progressive in many fields.



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