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Feroze Khan makes debut on TikTok

Feroze Khan had made his debut on TikTok, the same platform he had earlier termed as Cancer!

Well, the short video sharing platform seems to be the latest hip thing for celebrities to join.

The Khaani star who already has a presence on other social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram now is on TikTok as well.

The actor made his TikTok only five days ago and has already got 109.8K followers, wow that’s simply amazing, isn’t it!

The first video he shared was about some charity he did a few days ago and has obtained 16.6k comments and 333.3K likes and still counting.


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♬ original sound – Feroze Khan

It seems like Feroze Khan is going to give the local TikTok stars some good competition.

Feroze, who currently stars in Aye Musht-e-Khaak along with Sana Javed and Nimra Khan, had earlier termed TikTok cancer in a couple of interviews and social media posts.

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