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Feroze Khan ordered by the court to pay Rs 80 Thousand per month for his children’s expenses

Feroze Khan's lawyer while talking to the press shared that the Feroze Khan has been granted custody of his son Sultan, for 5 days

Feroze Khan has been ordered by the court to pay Rs 80 Thousand per month to Aliza Sultan in regard to his children’s expenses!

In a recent update, Feroze Khan‘s lawyer told the press that the actor has been granted custody of his son Sultan Feroze, for 5 days, however, his daughter Fatima Feroze will remain with his ex-wife Aliza Sultan.

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The development comes as Feroze Khan and his former wife Aliza Sultan failed to achieve an out-of-court settlement regarding their children’s support.

The local court of Karachi has ordered the actor Feroze Khan to pay 80 thousand rupees per month for the expenses of the children at the request of Aliza Fatima Sultan.


The couple separated a few months ago and are now pursuing ongoing cases related to domestic violence and children’s custody at Karachi’s District East court.

Aliza Sultan and Feroze Khan divorced in September 2022 after 4 years of marriage, they have two children, who are currently with their mother.

After the divorce, Aliza filed an application in the local court of Karachi for child support while Feroze Khan filed a case related to the extradition of his children in the same court.

Hearings on both their applications have been ongoing since October and initially, there was a dispute between the two regarding child support the court gave time to both parties to settle the children’s expenses according to their consent.

The parties were given opportunities for reconciliation, however, they were unable to reach an agreement.

After which now the court while announcing its decision ordered Feroze Khan to pay 80 thousand rupees per month towards the expenses of the children.


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