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‘Film Baji is unique because it is relatable to new generation’, tells Amna Ilyas

There has been a lot of talk about the Saqib Malik’s upcoming film ‘Baji’. There are so many factors which make fans eagerly wait for the film to reach cinema screens.

Meanwhile, here at OyeYeah we were lucky to catch up the lead actress of the film Baji. As we crave to find as much detail about the film as possible, we asked Amna about her character in the film.

The promising actress told, “My character in ‘Baaji’ is about a girl from a modest background with big dreams, who is fearless and yet vulnerable. Can’t say much more than that right now. But it’s a very challenging role with many shades, and everyone will be able to relate to it at some level”.

When asked upon why she opted for this role in Baji, Amna replied, “I have always felt that there needs to be more role models in pop culture and films for our young women to aspire to and when I came across this part I thought this is a great opportunity to express something people can relate to”.



Here at OyeYeah we asked her to point out at 6 things which makes the film Baji worth watching. Amna pointed out, “the acting with a blend of senior and junior artists, the songs, the locations, the dialogue and storytelling and above all the message of the film, makes Baji a worth watching film. Hope you all will enjoy the film”.


While talking about the upcoming film ‘Baji’, Amna has also shared about the uniqueness of the film. She said, “Baji is unique because it is relatable to a new generation, it’s not a period or a family drama that can bore you if not done right, it’s something very attuned to our culture and something which I feel will click well”.

OyeYeah also inquired about her work experience with the senior artists. Amna shared, “All the senior actors of this industry, whether it is Meera Jee or someone else belong to a hardworking self-made generation and I find them to be both mentoring and very professional”.


We also tried to get the sneak peek into the film’s music, and we got to know that there are six songs in the film. Some groovy tracks and a club number as well. So there is enough juice in the music for any mood or mold.

Amna Ilyas also has a message for her fans, as she quoted, “I want my fans to dream I want them to touch the sky and I want them to know they can do it not long ago I was also struggling and I want them to understand that if you work hard enough, nothing can stop you”.

Saman Siddiqui

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