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Firdous Jamal has recovered from cancer

Senior actor shared update on his health while making an appearance on talk show Maqaz Raat

Senior actor Firdous Jamal has recovered from cancer.

Senior actor Firdous Jamal in a recent TV appearance confirmed that he has recovered from a deadly disease. But at the same time, he also requested his fans to always pray for his recovery.

Firdous Jamal’s cancer diagnosis was confirmed in December 2022 by his son Hamza Firdous who said that his father’s treatment had been started.

Later, the then federal government also provided funds of one crore rupees for Firdous Jamal’s treatment.

Firdous Jamal was treated at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and the actor underwent a 12-hour long surgery in July 2023.

Firdous Jamal’s cancerous gland was removed during a lengthy surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy and now the actor has confirmed that he is healthy.

Firdous Jamal recently appeared on the comedy show Mazaq Raat, where he opened up about his career, among other things.

He also revealed that in his youth he was obsessed with acting, he even had a shoot with high fever.

He said that in the past he had done shooting with 102 and 103 fever but he did not let anyone know about his illness and fever.

Meanwhile, the host of the show Imran Ashraf said that Firdous Jamal has recently recovered completely from cancer.

Firdous Jamal also talked about his illness and said that he had colon cancer.

According to him, after his surgery, he underwent chemo and radiotherapy and now he is completely fine.

At the same time, Firdous Jamal appealed to his fans to pray for him to stay healthy in the future.

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