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After Mahira Khan, Firdous Jamal Passes Snarky Remarks About Imran Ashraf

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal who came under fire a while ago for passing rude comments about Mahira Khan, stumbled upon another controversy with his recent remarks.

While appearing as a guest in ARY’s show Hamare Mehman, the senior actor conveniently undermined all present age actors and did not stop there. He further dismissed Imran Ashraf’s phenomenal performance as Bhola (Ranjha Ranjha Kardi) as mediocre.

When asked about Firdous sahb’s favorite amongst the current lot (or who does good enough), this is how the actor responded.

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“There is no best performer [in Pakistan]. They are all models, showpieces. They don’t know that acting is something else. It’s like a dummy at a store which people dress up for display,” (translation Dawn) said Firdous sahb.

The veteran actor was then reminded of some exceptional actors of today who have impressed audiences with their performances off late. Topping the list was of course Imran Ashraf with his Bhola.

“That role was all pretension, not spontaneous at all… he acted, he didn’t behave,” responded Firdous sahb.

While fans could have fumed over Firdous Jamal’s comments and a new controversy could swirl up, Imran came out as a humble yet bigger person.

“Firdous Sahib is a very respectable and brilliant actor. If he did the role of Bhola, he would’ve done it a thousand times better than me. I respect him and his opinion,” tweeted Imran in response of senior actor’s remarks.

“My humble request to every one, my friends my viewers, I didn’t mind his comments at all and I will try to learn more. Please no harsh comments for him. When our elders say something to us at home it’s not necessary to take it badly,” he added.

Well what can we say, just that Imran once again wooed us with his niceness?

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  1. Very dignified of Imran Ashraf to respond so humbly- shows how evolved a person he is and he really does not need endorsement for his caliber as an artiste. After the inappropriate ageist and sexist comments Firdous Jamal passed against the talented and beautiful Mahira he should have realized what spitting at the moon will do but no he bashes on regardless- wonder if it is bitterness or just plain ‘sathiayapan’. Considering his own very recent performance in ‘Juda na Hona’ he really should lay low- it was terrible- such overacting and hamming.

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