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Game of Thrones: What Should You Expect From Episode 2

Episode 2 of The Game of Thrones will air tonight and like most of you, we too are eagerly waiting to see how the story of the most epic series will unfold in the remaining four episodes. This time around based on the trailers (and our fan hunch) we have listed down a couple of events that WE HOPE will happen in today’s episode (or the coming ones) and we can’t wait to see them.

What will be Jaime Lannister’s fate?

We all know that Jaime had killed Aerys Targaryen (Mad King) who happens to be father of Daenerys – who now happens to be the Queen in the North. Now if you saw the first episode of GOT, it ended on Jaime’s arrival to Winterfell and his non-verbal encounter with Bran Stark – who became crippled because of Jaime’s push from the wall in the first season.

So we are quite worried for the Kingslayer, who came off as an arrogant prick in the first season but later transitioned into a kind and sensible man. Jaime has also been portrayed as a brave soldier and this is exactly why he has come all the way to Winterfell to keep his word (of fighting against the Dead) with Daenerys and Jon Snow.

It will be interesting to see how Starks and Targaryen Queen welcome Jaime in their hood. Are they going to be vengeful? Would they avenge him for Cersei’s latest betrayal? Or will Tyrion Lannister – the hand of Queen Dany – will use his persuasive skills and save his brother’s life?

The love birds

Earlier in the first episode we saw Arya’s reunion with Gendry – her old travel companion – and the ‘Lady’ asked him to make a special weapon for her. While Gendry is busy making an impressive weapon for Arya, we wonder whether the friendship will transform into something even more. We can’t help but root for these two to come out as a romantic couple because hey, why not?!

Fun Fact: in first season, King Robert Baratheon had asked Eddard Stark that the House Stark and House Baratheon should have something more than friendship, they should transform into a strong relationship. Albeit Robert referred to a prospect of marriage between Sansa and (LATE) Joffrey Baratheon, we are now hoping it to be Arya and Gendry – who is bastard child of King Robert.

Cersei’s continued deceit

Cersei Lannister, the vamps of the vamps, the hated of the hated, the evil of the evil *time to stop the rant*… Anyhow Cersei in the last season committed to Jon and Daenerys that she will be their ally in the fight against the dead. However, in this season we saw her going back from her word YET AGAIN. We are quite anxious to see how Dany will react to the news when she sees Jaime all alone and no army from King’s Landing to back up.

We also wonder whether Tyrion will consider himself a fool – unlikely for his reputation – when he gets to know the truth. This will be an interesting turn of the events as we see Jon and his men, and Dany and his men and all other men and women preparing to fight the coming White Walkers while Queen Cersei is nowhere to be seen with her promised army.

Love or power?

In the last episode, Sam made the startling revelation to Jon about his true father and Jon’s status in the Kingdom. We all saw how Jon was left shocked as he tried to process the truth, his loyalty (read love) with Dany and the huge responsibility of making a choice between power and loyalty. This is what we are most eager to see, what will Jon choose and how will that impact the story in the coming days.

So for all those who will watch the ultimate battle of the thrones tonight, here’s the tip: be prepared for some shock and tears because this is only going to get intense!


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