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Hadiqa Kiani announces to build 200 houses for flood victims

Hadiqa Kiani announces to build 200 houses for flood victims!

The renowned singer turned activist, Hadiqa Kiani has announced the construction of 200 houses for the flood victims in the coming weeks.

In a statement on the social networking website Twitter, Hadiqa shared, “Alhamdulillah we finally have a way for overseas Pakistanis to donate! With your help, we will begin construction on 200 sustainable homes in the coming weeks. No donation is too small, if you cannot donate, please share this link. Together we will build!

In a series of Tweets, Hadiqa Kiani shared the latest development about her efforts in flood relief works.

She said, “Inshallah provide an update very soon regarding the rebuilding of homes for flood victims in the 3 villages I have adopted since August. By the grace of Allah SWT, we have been able to provide tents, medicine, food, etc but the most basic need is a safe structure to call home.”

“Working with contractors who have now agreed to remove a bulk of their personal profits in order to help their fellow Pakistanis. Humanity exists, and we must continue our civic duty. Sharing more details to show that any of us can start by adopting villages or families to support,” she added.


The scale of the disaster is unprecedented and maximum efforts are being taken to provide relief but that’s just not enough.

The Boohey Barian singer is urging people to donate as much as possible.


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