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Hailey Baldwin celebrates one year engagement anniversary with Justin Bieber

"I have never loved you more," writes Hailey Rhodes Bieber


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber tied the knot last year. Ever since they made it public, the two have been going very strong, giving out couple goals to all. Fans love the bonding between Mr and Mrs. Bieber and have been eagerly waiting for an addition to the family.

However, today marks Hailey and Justin’s one year engagement anniversary. To celebrate the moment, the two decided to be together as man and wife, Hailey took to Instagram to write a loving note to dear husband Justin.

“1 year ago I said yes to being your best friend for life, and today I have never loved you more.. life gets more beautiful everyday because of you, my heart belongs to you forever.
Here’s to learning and growing together..,” wrote Hailey on her Instagram.


Last week Justin Bieber too took to his Instagram to write a loving note to wife Hailey, while the two seem to be away on a romantic vacation. “These are the moments I live for.. alone time with you refreshes my soul. You are so out of my league and I’m okay with that! You are mine and I am yours,” wrote Justin.

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