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Hamza Ali Abbasi donates for dam construction in Pakistan

Pakistan is going through a major water crisis, and this leaves Pakistan with no choice but to act wisely before the damage is irreversible. knowing that responsibility needs to be taken, Hamza Ali Abbasi has come forward and made a donation for the fund designed for the construction of two major dams in the country,

To create awareness and motivate people to donate further, he publicly declared his donation to the fund along with a picture attached of the cheque.

Hamza tweeted: “#DamsForPakistan I have done my part & now i request all who can hear me to do their part also. I fully trust the CJ & Supreme Court that they will deliver on this most urgent issue of Pakistan. PLEASE contribute to the Diamer Basha & Mohmand Damn fund.”

While the actor had pure intentions, his public declaration was treated as a publicity stunt by some while others genuinely supported him too.

Clarifying why he chose to make this act public, Hamza tweeted, “The only reason i posted this is to bring attention to this most urgent issue and request others to donate as well.”

He also added that maybe if he had a “PR TEAM/MANAGER” this news would have made headlines too!

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