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Hamza Ali Abbasi is Disappointed with International Community Over Kashmir Issue

The actor believes bringing Islam to center stage in the country would help the nation


Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi who has been active and vocal about Kashmir issue is disappointed with the international community’s behavior on the matter and seeks a more rigorous approach from Pakistan and its people now.

Taking it to Twitter last week, the actor shared his opinion on the matter.

“I hate to say this. I hope and pray I am wrong but looking at the attitude of the international community and the increasing Hindutva extremism in India, the situation is moving towards active conflict!” wrote Hamza.

He added that the time has come for Pakistan to bring back Islam to center stage in the country, and “embrace its destiny”.

Earlier Hamza had also attended Kashmir rally and expected Pakistan government to shut down airspace for India alongside discontinuing trade with the hostile neighbors.

“Now I hope and pray that along with mobilizing international community and institutions, the next step of Govt of Pakistan will be to immediately shut down Pakistani airspace for India, cut off all direct trade routes from India to Afghanistan and halt all trade between Pakistan and India,” Hamza had written.

Hamza Ali Abbasi responds to Arnab Goswami’s propaganda labeling him as an ‘undercover ISI agent’

Coincidentally, a little after Hamza’s tweet, Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced a ban on Indian airplanes in Pakistan’s airspace.

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