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Hamza Ali Abbasi’s tweet against the clergy of Pakistan sparked furore on social media

The actor blatantly compared our Maulvis to the Pharisees of Bani Israel.

hamza-ali-abbasiHamza Ali Abbasi has slammed the citizens to attend their Friday prayers during the lockdown - OyeYeah News

Hamza Ali Abbasi has slammed all those citizens who have been arguing about going to the mosques to attend their Friday prayers during the lockdown.

The Alif actor took to Twitter to school them once and for all and Hamza stated proper religious facts regarding the leverage Islam gives us in certain circumstances where praying in mosques may be exempted.

He said, “Allah has given ease in his prayer from Tayyamum/Qasr/praying at home in case of bad weather, let alone a deadly virus.”

He went on to compare the Maulvis who have been pushing on opening mosques for public during the coronavirus lockdown to the Pharisees of Bani Israel.

“but it feels like the Clergy in my country is becoming like the Pharisees of Bani Israel who want God to do what they say rather than surrender to what God says,” Abbasi added.

Thankyou Hamza! This was much needed.

The actor’s tweet, however, created a furore on social media.

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