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“I’m ashamed to have been a part of MD Productions,” Hamza Firdous opens up about Momina Duraid’s comments on Firdous Jamal

Hamza has urged people to come forward with #SupportFirdousJamal


Firdous Jamal has found himself immersed in deep controversy after he said Mahira Khan was a mediocre model and should do age appropriate roles. Although Mahira Khan penned down a note and preached love and respect, things haven’t really gone down well in the industry. Following the incident, Momina Duraid CEO of MD Productions has severed all ties with Firdous Jamal, stating her production house would not work with the actor ever again.

After the announcement, Hamza Firdous, actor and son of Firdous Jamal took to his social media to comment on the situation.

“MD hasn’t really made Firdous Jamal. He worked hard even before MD Productions existed. But if Momina Duraid is ashamed of a veteran actor, then I’m also ashamed to have been associated with such a production house,” said Hamza.

Adding further, he stated how this was all a pre-planned propaganda against his father. “This is a propaganda against my father.  There is so much going on and we’re highlighting a non issue when all he did was gave his opinion on television, when he was asked for one. My father is being threatened and banned when there are more pressing issues in the country. My father still has offers from abroad. People have been calling from across the border for a comment on the issue but he still doesn’t say a word because he represents Pakistan.”

Adding further, Hamza also asked for support for his father, stating that he was being ridiculed and personally attacked. “If you really think all this is justified or if you yourself cannot see your father figure, or a legend being personally attacked, support Firdous Jamal, come up and express.”

Hamza Firdous asked people to come forward with #SupportFirdousJamal and asked his fans and people of Pakistan to express their opinion.

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